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Board of directors

“There are people who neither occupy any high position in society, nor possess any special abilities, but still have an innate strength, which need not be revealed through any extraordinary achievements, yet strength which lives, drives them and affects anyone they meet.”
These words of Ivo Andrić reflect my experience of ANIP and particular of the performing ensemble and Art Directors. When I became Chairwoman of the Board of the Society, I simply felt that boys and girls I had never known or even met before, could do ANYTHING, if only we believed in them. There is that huge strength and love that exist in their friendship and their folk-dance and song. For these reasons, I believe in them and their Art Directors from the bottom of my heart.

Chairwoman of the Board of ANIP

Prim. Dr sci. med. Jadranka Ravić


0_Mr Radoslav Tomasevic
0_Mr Radoslav Tomasevic

Artistic board

  • Chief of Ensemble - Petar Popović
    Chief of assistances on accordion – Miloš Lazarević
  • Art Director of the Performing Ensemble – Branislava Å arac
  • Art Directors of the Junior and Senior children's Performing Ensemble – Verica Smiljanić and Petar Popović
  • Art Directors of the folklore school – Verica Smiljanić, Petar Popović and Tatjana Nikolić
  • Folk Orchestra coach – Slobodan Elbet
  • Art Director of Folk Orchestra - Zoran Bogdanović
  • Assistants on accordion - Filipović Željko, Nemanja Zelić and MiloÅ¡ Lazarević
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slika 10
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Friends and artistic advisors

A number of people have contributed ANIP with their advice and help but most importantly, they have become our true and sincere friends throughout the years.

Therefore a big THANK YOU to:

  • Slavica Mihailović
  • Danica Legen
  • Milorad Ćorković
  • Petko Joskov
  • Vocal-instrumental Ethno ensemble “Vrelo”
Milorad Torkovic
Milorad Torkovic
Petko Jockovic
Slavica Mihajlovic

There are those who keeps following us and reporting on our work

  • BoÅ¡ko Negovanović-Nega
  • Aleksandra Majkić-Sanja
Aleksandra Majkic-Sanja
Aleksandra Majkic-Sanja
Aleksandra Majkic-Sanja and Bosko Negovanovic-Nega
Bosko Negovanovic-Nega

There are people who “jump“ in into our Folk orchestra when it gets „tough“ and we need help

  • Miodrag Rakanović, bass
  • Milan Vejnović, contra
  • Svetlana Stojanović
  • Slavna Sič
Svetlana Stojanovic
Svetlana Stojanovic

Who dare think we have forgotten about them so, a HUGE THANKS

Always with us on stage with her beautiful scenography

  • LJILJANA VOJVODIĆ, the sculptress
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