Of Branko Radičević

Branko Radičević

“Aleksije Radičević was born on March 15th 1824 in Brod, Slavonia, and died in Vienna on June 18th 1853. His father's name is Todor and he was born in Novi Sad on 27th December 1801. His mother Ruža, Mijajlović, was born in Vukovar on February 4th 1802 and died on April 1st 1833. Branko attended Serbian schools in Zemun from 1830-1832 and German schools from 1833-1835.

From 1836-1841 he went to school in Sremski Karlovci. He graduated Philosophy in Temišvar in 1844, and after that studied German low in Vienna for three years. During the fourth year of studies he transferred to medical school instead. Three years later, on June 18th 1853, he died of tuberculosis.

. . . . .

He had always been an excellent student. He was extremely intelligent and capable of understanding things.

His hair was brown, and his face long and he was of a cheerful temper. His wish had always been to travel and he had hoped to visit Kosovo most of all. He used to say:” I want to write epic poetry but I won't write a single letter before I have seen Kosovo where Serbian glory was lost and slavery began. I have the material ready and in abundance, for Serbian epic must be similar to Greek and with customs and ways of our people.” But God didn't let it happen.”

Todor Radičević, father of Branko Radicevic

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