Performing Ensemble of ANIP at the Assembly of Folklore Ensembles of Serbia “Zlatni opanak 2007” in Valjevo, won a Bronze peasant sandal (a prize of professional jury) and Silver bowl (a prize of journalists and audience).

On Sunday 13th May, senior children's enesmble took place on 46th Children's music Festival of Vojvodina, in Novi Becej, and won Silver medallion with 89 points. Coreography by Slavica Mihailovic "Dances from Toplica"

Acknowledgements and achievements worth emphasizing:

  • 4 gold, 10 silver and 4 bronze medallions won of the Festivals of Music companies of Vojvodina;
  • special awards for the best music accompaniment, the most authentic costume, the best vocal soloist, the best instrumental soloist, the audience award;
  • Award of the Amateur Association of Serbia and placement among the four best folklore ensembles in Serbia, as well as the special award for the best new choreography.

“Dances from Bukovica” the first place at the 4th review of the folklore ensembles of Serbia, Kragujevac, 1989

Senior children's ensemble after the placement at the regional review in Stara Pazova, won the silver medallion at the Music Festival of the children of Vojvodina in Sombor, on 15th May 2006.

“Serbian dances from Western Slavonia”, choreographer Danica Legen, art director Svetlana Stojanović, music arrangement: Zoran Bogdanović

At the Festival of Music Societies of Vojvodina, held in Ruma in June 2006, the Performing Ensemble won the Silver medallion (87 points) and the special Jury award for singing the following repertoire:

“Dances from Western Slavonia” the Performing Ensemble, choreographer Milorad Ćorković, art director Nataša Tomić, music arrangement- Zoran Bogdanović

“Svekrvi sam namjestila krevet” women's vocal group of the Performing Ensemble, the song from Šipova- Janj

“Splet narodnih melodija”, the Folk orchestra of ANIP, arrangement by Zoran Bogdanović

“Dances from Toplica”, Performing Ensemble, choreographer Slavica Mihailović, art director Nataša Tomić, music arrangement- Zoran Bogdanović

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